Carriage Return on BlackBerry Z10


SMS Carriage Return – Z10

UPDATE: BlackBerry 10.2 has fixed this problem – properly. See details from Nate in the comments section.


There are some BlackBerry Z10 users out there who are frustrated about not being able to use the Carriage Return (new line) in SMS on the BlackBerry Z10, so today, I answer the question of:

How do I use the Carriage Return on BlackBerry Z10?

When writing an SMS (or ‘Text’) Message, start writing your message straight away. Do NOT select the message recipient by filling in the ‘TO:’ section. You will notice that as soon as you move the cursor into the message text box, that the ‘Next’ button becomes Carriage Return. This will only work if you start a new message / conversation each time. You can’t use the carriage return in a reply. Clearly, it needs a bit of work. You must do this before you select a recipient, otherwise the Carriage Return will not appear.

I find this a little strange, as it goes against how BlackBerry OS6 users have been trained up, as they had to select a message recipient before being able to compose a message. This, of course, was changed in BlackBerry OS7, which allowed users to write their message, and select the recipient at any point.

I’m not sure if this is a new feature that came about in the BlackBery 10.1 update, or if it was there all along, as I only just noticed it. My Z10 is currently running OS


BBM – Only ‘Send’

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) seems to not have a Carriage Return feature, and I’m not aware of any way to trick BBM into allowing it – other than perhaps Copy & Paste from another text area. This would be a good area for BlackBerry to improve in a future update.

There is another option. In BlackBerry 10.1, PIN Messaging is back to prominence, and now features in BlackBerry Hub. You can do a Carriage Return in there at any point. I’m actually surprised to see a resurgence of PIN Messaging, as BBM will be going multi-platform, and will be released soon on Apple iOS 6 and Android ICS. BBM will presumably be running on each user’s BlackBerry ID, rather than their PIN, as those non-BlackBerry devices wont have a PIN encoded in their device. There is a possibility that they could do it in software, although I’d find it unlikely. Perhaps they want to keep one of their messaging functions exclusive to users of actual BlackBerry devices.

Anyway … some screenshots are below of how the Carriage Return feature works on the Z10.


Initial state – ‘Next’


Recipient selected: ‘Send’ only

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3 responses to “Carriage Return on BlackBerry Z10

  1. Go to settings -> language and input ->Prediction and Correction -> word substitutions . add shortcut type ,, (comma twice)in first field and Second field use Enter Key and save
    when you need enter key for next line type ,, (comma twice) and press space bar to come next line

  2. If this has already been answered or discovered, please ignore. Anyways, if you go into the settings while in SMS or the priority hub settings for SMS, then text message settings, simply turn off the option to “Use Enter Key to Send”. It will replace the send key in the keyboard with a return key. The send key will be at the top right in the blue bar with the contact name. I hope this helps.

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