No HDMI cable is worth $90

If you ask an electronics shop for an HDMI cable, they will show you a $90 cable. Don’t pay it. They always have a $30 option hidden away. Ask.


2 responses to “No HDMI cable is worth $90

  1. Warren, even $30 is a bit much. Considering that you can get HDMI Cables for $5 – $20 on, why should a buyer go up to $30 ? I have been looking at prices and Monster is on the higher end but, even them has lower price cables so I can’t justify $90 or even $30.

  2. I find that in Australia, where I’m based, the HDMI cable they will try to sell you in the shop is the $90 model, but when you call them out on it, they will have an (approx) $30 cable under the counter or somewhere not on display.

    Online retailers will have them for a cheaper price again, as you point out, although most of those will be based overseas in the USA, and we’d have to pay international shipping rates, and wait a while to receive them.

    It’s a balancing act of how much you need a cable and how soon you want it, that will determine the price you’re willing to pay (potentially factoring in shipping) for an HDMI cable. If you really want to get one on the same day (in Australia), $30 is about as good as it’s going to get, although over the long term, I suspect prices will come down.

    The Australian dollar is worth $0.99 USD at the moment, but it’s been a bit higher than the USD for a while, so you can make a somewhat straight comparison on prices. Retailers also seem to rip us all off in Australia, and shopping online with foreign retailers is pretty popular.

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