A positive new look for Qantas

Qantas unveiled their new flight attendant uniform earlier today, with model Miranda Kerr showing it off nicely. The new uniform will be in-flight with 12,600 uniformed staff from 2014.


A new look Qantas

When I heard that Qantas would be creating a new uniform, I was prepared to cringe at overdone Australianism in the style of Paul Hogan, which no Australian can relate to. Instead, we see a professional look that is still clearly identifiable as Qantas, designed by Paris based Australian, Martin Grant.

The red triangle design on the lapel of the trench coat is a nice link to the aviation aspect of the business, in the style of the tail of Qantas aircraft.

Qantas has had a stale look to it for a while now, with Virgin Australia presenting a much more professional and modern image of their company. What better way to fix this than taking out the trash of the shapeless old 2003 Peter Morrisey boomerang print dress – even if 10 years too late.

Kudos to Qantas for bringing in the new look!

Some photos below of the new look, and a glance back at the Peter Morrisey disaster.


Peter Morrisey – Out with the old


Miranda Kerr in the new dress


Miranda Kerr in the Inspector Gadget trenchcoat



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