Favourite BlackBerry OS6 & OS7 Apps


Just about all of my favourite applications on BlackBerry Operating Systems 6 and 7 come from suggestions from people who told me about some awesome new thing they’ve been playing with. It is therefore my duty to pay it forward and tell you about what makes my BlackBerry so much more than just an e-mail device.

All of the below apps are currently available through BlackBerry App World.

Facebook and Twitter

The social networks that we’re probably all a little too addicted to. You probably found this article through one or both of these, so no further explanation required.


A great application that can identify almost any song from hearing just a short sample of it. I’ve identified so many songs that would have otherwise been lost to me forever. This comes in a free version that lets you identify a small number of songs per set time period, and offers unlimited access with the paid version. A while ago, the full version was given away for free to BlackBerry users. I happily upgraded mine at the time!


A multi-platform instant messaging app that is available on BlackBerry, Apple iOS, Android, Nokia/Symbian, & Windows Phone. If someone exists, they can probably be reached through WhatsApp. There are no usernames and passwords to remember, and you don’t need to add contacts. It works off your existing phone contact list.


A multi-platform note taking app. At the moment, I’m still a bit dependent on writing and typing notes to myself, and then leaving them in inaccessible places. It’s always on the other computer, your tablet device, an actual paper notepad (imagine that!) or in the memo pad on one of my phones. Evernote works on all those levels (except paper) and stores your notes out there in the cloud. With evernote, what you write on your phone, is available on any other of your devices. Brilliant! The base version of the app is free, with more features opening up with a paid subscription.


A cloud-based multi-platform storage app. Store your files in your Dropbox and they’ll be available on any of your devices, with changes updated to all devices. This nicely solves the problem of having to carry around files on a USB stick, or having to dig up a file from your e-mail account, and then wondering which version is current. Sign up for free and get 2.5 GB of storage, and if you need more, you can purchase more. Everyone hates backing up their files, and most of us are probably too lazy about it. Leave that problem to someone else and store it out in the cloud.

Google Maps

The best use for this Global Positioning System (GPS) based mapping program is not some turn-by-turn driving instructions. I find it best used in an unknown city when you’ve had a few too many drinks to know where the hell your hotel is, or if you’re walking the right way down the street you’re on to get there. The application is free, although data charges may apply depending on your phone plan.

BlackBerry Protect

Not only can this app, through the wonders of GPS, locate where your misplaced BlackBerry is, you can also remotely lock the BlackBerry, have it make some noise so you can find it (if it turns out it’s somewhere in your house, and you’ve left it on silent) or send a kill signal and wipe the device altogether.

If only all those Facebook users who keep posting that they’ve lost their phone, or their phone has lost all their contacts, and they post an event asking everyone to post their numbers …if only they had installed BlackBerry Protect. This app also over-the-air, and on a repeating schedule backs up (each at your option) contact list, tasks, memos, browser bookmarks, text messages, WiFi network profiles, calendars, and password keeper database. This also makes it the perfect transition tool for when you move to a new BlackBerry device (BB10 launches this month!!). When you open your new BlackBerry, login with your BlackBerry ID and pull-down all of the above over-the-air.

Looking forward to trying:

Opera Browser

A well regarded light-weight browser. I think it’s always a good idea to have multiple browsers. No matter what your using, there’s always some site that wont work with it. Best to keep your options open. I just downloaded this the other day, but haven’t played with it much yet.

BlackBerry Travel

An app that is meant to track all of your flights, hotels and  other travel matters. Again, I’ve installed this but have yet to play with it.


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