IT Project Management

Project Management

I shit you not, I once had the following question in an online uni assessment for an IT Project Management subject at uni:

The ambitious sprinkler system project was finally over and it was hard to believe that it took only two years. The project manager leaned back in his office chair and admired his emerald green lawn and flower garden that was filling in nicely. He was amused by the birds that had gathered to bathe and drink at a persistent puddle just outside his window, a harbinger of the first major repair of his own shoddy workmanship. His review of receipts for the job was less entertaining; between trips to the local home improvement store, consultations with plumbers, city inspectors, and some hired labor he had sunk a small fortune into his lawn. The manager’s:

a. post-project analysis would someday appear in Better Housekeeping.

b. project plan was a document for the ages.

c. financial closeout would be forever hidden from his wife.

d. historical records made for interesting reading.


2 responses to “IT Project Management

    • Hey Garrick,

      I graduated from the University of Wollongong. I guess both of our uni’s get their content from the same place.

      Which answer did you choose?

      [Sorry for the late reply]

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